Coming to Play

Not sure what to expect? Explore the playland below and learn about the power of play!

Make time to play! Most kids play for one and a half to two hours. 

Dramatic Play

The Nutty Squirrel Cafe, the Pet Vet, and the Firetruck are permanent features in the playland. 

Dramatic Play builds 

  • self-control

  • social skills

  • language development

  • conflict resolution 

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Sensory Table

The sensory table features rice dyed with food coloring. The toys on the sensory table change each week.

Sensory Play builds: 

  • Fine motor skills

  • Nerve connections in the brain

  • Problem solving

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Magnet Wall



The Magnet Wall features a weekly rotation of magnets. 

Playing with magnets builds: 

  • Creativity

  • Hand-eye coordination

  • Problem Solving

  • Visual Tracking

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Build Table

The Build Table features a weekly rotation of construction toys including Magformers, marble run, gears, and more. 

Benefits of construction play include: 

  • Hand-eye coordination

  • Problem Solving

  • Fine motor skills

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The STEM Lab, designed for children 7+yrs, features a weekly rotation of scientific, technological, engineering, or mathematical toys. 

Benefits of STEM activities include: 

  • Divergent thinking

  • Problem Solving

  • Fine motor skills

  • Spatial awareness

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The Tot Spot

The Tot Spot is a quiet corner for children under 3. The shelves contain a variety of toys that change every week. 

The Tot Spot provides a safe corner for toddlers to explore and practice their growing movements. 

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Imagination Table

The Imagination Table features a weekly rotation of imaginative figurines. 

The imagination table promotes: 

  • Imagination

  • Emotional awareness

  • Social skills

  • Language development

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Benefits of Play

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