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Our Rules - we do not have many rules, but we ask parents to help keep our playland safe by observing the following rules:

  1. Little Puffins Discovery Playland is designed for children 1 to 12 years old.

  2. Children must be accompanied by an adult or caretaker.

  3. All adults must be accompanied by a child.

  4. Safety first! No running or rough play.

  5. Be respectful - no bad language!

  6. Socks are required at all times—no bare feet or shoes.

  7. Outside toys or equipment are not allowed.

  8. To keep Little Puffins Discovery Playland from being icky and sticky, we don’t allow food, gum, and beverages (except bottled water) inside.

  9. Little Puffins Discovery Playland hosts awesome birthday parties and can’t accommodate drop-in parties.

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Little Puffins Discovery Playland Waiver

Keeping our kids healthy and safe!


We want your children to play in a safe environment! We rely on parents to watch their children and ensure that they are observing our play rules and behaving in a safe manner. 

For our part, we keep an eye on the facility to ensure everyone is playing safely. Keeping our kids healthy is important to us! We clean our toys on a regular basis. If you see a child putting a toy in his or her mouth, we encourage parents and children to put that toy in the dirty bin so that we can clean them right away! 

The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.
- Albert Einstein

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Little Puffins Discovery Playland is a physical education vendor for Connections Homeschooling Programs and we offer direct billing for IDEA. Click the homeschooling logos to learn more about incorporating Little Puffins Discovery Playland into your child's Individual Learning Plan. 

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